Friday, February 18, 2011

Lime Juice 檸檬水

what happen if we have a bad breathe?
drink some lime juice. It helps reduce our bad breath.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skin type 膚質

Dry: feels tight and is staring to flake
Combo: some parts of your face are shiny (nose, chin, and forehead), but not others.
Oily: shiny all over
Sensitive: shows blotches of redness
 which type are you?

乾: 脫皮
油: 臉看起來亮亮的


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our beautiful face 我們的美麗臉蛋

Cleaning our face is our daily job. How to use the right method to wash our face?
1. Do not use hot water. Use warm water.
2. Cleaning product (foam, gel, cream, and milky) all depends on your skin type.
3. Wash for 30 sec with a dime-size amount of cleanser. 
4. use dry towel to wipe the water on your face. 
5. apply toner on your face. To keep our face soft not dry =]

1. 不宜使用熱水; 洗臉前請記得先洗乾淨我們的雙手
2. 用溫水洗臉 放一點洗面乳
3. 再用冷水洗乾淨
4. 最後以毛巾輕輕拍吸收水分
5. 記得用化妝水別讓我們的皮膚太乾燥