Making Manly Moisturizers

This moisturizer offers just a little extra help to keep his skin soft.

content 16 ounce; 453.6 gram or you can divided by 2 make it to 8 ounce sterile bottles.

a) avocado oil    1 oz (28.4g)
b) grapeseed oil  1 oz
c) sweet almond oil 1.2 oz (34g)
d) emulsifying wax 0.8 oz (22.7g)
e) fresh aloe juice (or distilled water) 12 oz (340.2g)
f) essential or fragrance oil 0.2 oz (5.7 g)
g) preservative  (always preserve your products)
there are lots of different kind of preservatives.
For this one I would recommended using "emulsion preservatives"
because is for making cream or lotion.

I know making your own skin product might get a little bit pricey sometimes, but it's fun and you know what's in it. Especially, for some people they might be sensitive to some brand product.


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