LA day trip

August 4th 2012
I left Davis at 1:30 am heading to LA. I was so excited that I can't fall asleep, so I decided to leave early. I drove half way and Thomas drove half. We are hoping to get a good place to live next year, but we were pretty disappointed when we arrived at the house. The place just wasn't that great and it cost a ton...
The owner said my place is so great you will like it! Trust me! When I walked inside to her place. I was pretty shocked. Anyways, we visited few other places. Still none of the places that we like.

We spent six hours driving. Spent lunch at Ranch  99 plaza. Also, we went to Ranch 99 to buy newspaper see if any hope from the advertisement section. We called everyone asking the price and area. Most of them are fully vacancy and some are just ridiculously expensive.

After all the searching, we still have a lot of time. I always wanted to visit the LACMA (Los Angelos County Museum of Art) because I want to see the white lamp posts. That's the only reason that want to go there. Overall, it's not a wasteful day. After the museum went to a famous restaurant. Their famous dish is Hainan Chicken rice. We went home at 7:30pm got home at 12:40am. Crazy day.


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